Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife

17 de Fevereiro de 2023

Even the tone of your voice to your partner speaks volumes. Small things, for sure, but vital to making your feeling for the other person clear. In America, you dream of dating that perfect someone with hopes of hearing them say, “I love you.” Not only once but every day after. Gazing into your eyes and speaking those three magical words confirms the connection you both have for each other and also puts you at ease. There are some who have their own views on this. Some Japanese ladies have turned their back on this tradition, others stick very true to it. For many there is a strong sense of family in Japan.

Re-affirmation of a relationship doesn’t always require sex, or constant “I love you’s” Just taking time to spend alone with each other helps keep the idea that you’re husband and wife fresh in your minds. I think this is true, and as a single Westerner living in Japan, it’s actually one of the things keeping me this way. The romantic notions of love are very important to me when it comes to getting married, and I would very much need the same in return. Yet among many of my Japanese friends and coworkers here, it seems that the “I’ve decided it’s time to get married now, so I’ll just marry the first decent person who comes along” mindset is quite strong. I’m continually caught off-guard at how soon my Japanese friends get engaged to people after just beginning a relationship with them – and this is true of both genders.

Government policies to increase the birthrate include early education designed to develop citizens into capable parents. Some critics of these policies believe that this emphasis on birth rate is incompatible with a full recognition of women’s equality in Japan. When divorce was granted under equal measures to both sexes under the post-war constitution, divorce rates steadily increased.

  • They have caring nature, so they become great mothers and wives.
  • We have two kids and she makes the effort to have enthusiastic sex with me 2-3 times a week.
  • After the Meiji period, the head of the household was required to approve of any marriage.
  • Approximately one-in-five marriages in pre-modern Japan occurred between households that were already related.
  • The Ministry of Japan revealed the outline of an amendment for the Civil Code of Japan on February 18, 2016.

If you want your future wife’s parents to like you, offer to pay for the wedding ceremony and celebration. If you have good manners, you are likely to be admired by your date’s parents. In local dating culture, women and men start from a “confession”. After a couple of dates, young people have to tell each other about their feelings and see if they are mutual. If so, a man asks a woman to become his girlfriend, and this is how dating starts in Japan. Many foreigners do not know about this exciting tradition. You will certainly surprise your Japanese woman with your knowledge and gain her trust.

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I have been shocked quite a few times already by people marrying despite not even having a mutually understood third language. But back on topic, the first time I heard a Japanese woman say “I don’t like sex,” I was shocked.

Moving to Japan with Children

I’ve thought about this a lot over the years, and come to the conclusion that, actually, no, Japanese people and Western people value very different things. The cultures are built around principles that are entirely different, and at times opposite. This post both solves a few mysteries but creates another more dramatic one. Now I know why the Japanese marriage rates have gone down along with the declining birth rate. I would assume young Japanese men have become ‘hip’ to the less then ideal conditions that await them once they have signed on the dotted line and run to the exit instead. On a side note it’s nice to know that Japanese women are just as psychotic and neurotic as women here in the USA.

“I wanted a dog” (she knew where I live doesn’t allow dogs), “You don’t know how to clean the dishes properly” . Sure, I know this is not limited to Japanese women, or women; but these were quite surreal things, often contradictory and very barrel-scrape-y. Other than that it was mostly an awkward silence in the home and I felt uncomfortable every evening coming home from work. I think I got off relatively lightly with my Japanese wife. Rather than any violence, I got the cold-shoulder utterly. It was pretty bizarre – Even trying to discuss what was up was met with blank stares and an obvious simmering of hatred within her. Oh, and have your friends give japanese wife characteristics me all their money and I guarantee I’ll find them a Japanese woman to marry.

” My students would chew on this idea for a week and come back with some amazing responses. But the one answer that came back over and over was that they felt they could never love their spouse if they didn’t first respect them. Finding a Japanese spouse is easy if you know how dating works in this country. They treat men with much love and respect, making them feel comfortable. Japanese mail order brides make perfect girlfriends and wives as they make men feel special. They pay attention to what their partners like, so if you like some meal, your Asian spouse will treat you to it as often as you want.

She gets very defensive about things and likes to argue. She’s a little bit racist towards some cultures. And the good news is that the Japanese woman I married ticks off all of those boxes. However, she’s a human being, just like every other human being on this planet, and she is flawed. If she has family and friends in Japan, there’s a pretty good chance that she’s going to want to go back and visit them often. For me, I find it difficult to tag along on all of those trips since I am usually busy with work here at home. Therefore, she does go to Japan alone for several weeks at a time at least once a year.

Modern Japanese Wife Culture and Marriage

After about 4-5 years of marriage I started getting the pressure to find a seishain job with a higher salary. N Strangerland’s defense there are news reports of Japanese women taking the kids and without a word to the non-Japanese husband going to the airport and returning to Japan. Then the gaijin husband makes his way to Japan and demands to see his kids …